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Adapted Version by Ross Cochrane (based on Niland and Morrison’s version)

Down to the barn in the old rusty ute

Down to the barn in the old rusty ute

The original poem is brilliant by Niland and Morrison but it spoke about Santa Claus arriving in Australia and mentioned nothing of the birth of Christ, so I have changed it around to include the celebration of Christmas. Hope you like it. What would it have looked like if Christ had been born in outback Australia?

‘Twas the night before Christmas;

There wasn’t a sound.

Not a possum was stirring;

Not even a hound.

The inn keepers table

had tucker and beer.

But out in the stable

Mary’s baby was near;


If it happened today we’d be safe in our beds,

While dreams of pavlova danced round in our heads;

Mum in her nightie, and dad in his shorts,

Would have just settled down to watch TV sports,


Outside the house

a star had arose;

Loud voices of praise

wake us up from our doze.

We run to the screen door,

peek cautiously out,

Sneek onto the deck,

To find what it’s about.


Guess what had woken us

Up from our snooze,

But a whole host of angels

Declaring good news.

And one of them standing

Above a gum tree,

Said the Saviour was born

And told us where He would be.


Now, I’m telling the truth-it’s all dinki-di,

Those heavenly angels filled up the sky.

One looked at us kids, his wings were like flames,

And he spoke to us all and called out our names.

‘Now, Kylie! Now, Kirsty!

Now, Shazza and Shane!

On, Kipper! On, Skipper!

On, Bazza and Wayne!

Go to the kitchen

Grab a quick drink,

Scoot down to the barn.

And see what you think!’


So down to the barn

In the old rusty ute

With hearts full of wonder,

All of us scoot,

We park by a gum tree

and jump to the ground,

Then in through the window

We all look around.


There were drovers and shearers,

A man with a beard.

And His wife had a baby

Whom the workmen revered;

Wearing singlets and shorts

Because of the heat

they took off their hats

and bowed at His feet


The baby awoke

And His eyes simply Shone!

His skin was all smooth,

Yes, this was God’s Son!


Three Swagmen arrived

From far east of the station

They’d been searching all day

For the King of Salvation


A swag full of prezzies

They flung from their backs,

And with everyone looking

they undid their packs.

They spoke not a word,

but bent down on one knee,

And presented their goodies

And gifts. There were three…


One brought gold nuggets

A gift for a king

And one brought Him frankinsence

A strange gift to bring

And then there was myrh

From the last one to come,

When he saw us he winked

and he held up his thumb;


Then the angels appeared clear out of the blue;

Flung out their wings and prepared to shoot through.

They bellowed out loud as they swooped past the gates –

‘Merry Christmas to all, and goodonya, mates!’


  1. pastorross12 says:

    Reblogged this on Words of Life and commented:

    Have a great Christmas everyone. Thanks for the great support you have given to Words of Life through the year. So excited about nearing completion with the Book of Job, about all that God has taught me and the opportunity to share with such amazing people. Thankyou.


  2. Andy Oldham says:

    WoW! I love this. Thank you for changing it to include the birth of our savior. May God continue to bless you and your family this Christmas and coming 2015.


  3. SO cleverly Aussie – and the picture is brilliant! Love it.


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