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Have a great Christmas everyone. Thanks for the great support you have given to Words of Life through the year. So excited about nearing completion with the Book of Job, about all that God has taught me and the opportunity to share with such amazing people. Thankyou.


Dear Julie, 

Ruby - 40 Years of Marriage © Ross Cochrane

Ruby – 40 Years of Marriage © Ross Cochrane

I have been reading Job and thinking how much my ignorance gets in the way of my relationship with God. I want to know things that are not relevant to the passage of scripture I am studying or I want to know answers I don’t need to know about. God teaches me more and more to trust in Him each day despite the things I don’t know. 

I have been married 40 years to you and I am still astounded of how ignorant I am about marriage, except that I have come to know and love you. Much of our marriage works simply because you are the best person I know and I keep noticing more about you as the years go by that makes me appreciate and love you more. 

I cannot imagine life without my beautiful wife and family. We have grandchildren who reflect a lot of your character because of the time you invest into them. They will look back and cherish times when they have laughed and cried and shared with you about everything (including difficult questions about Jesus). Most of all they will recall a woman who lived out her faith and the example that you gave them. 

God makes Himself known in all kinds of ways through His creation but I am so privileged that our paths crossed because I constantly see God’s character reflected in you. 

Why did he link you up with me? I can only see God’s grace in allowing me to be your husband. I thought from the first time I saw you that you were out of my league. So when we began to go out together, I was humbled and wanted from the outset to treat you with as much love and respect that I could. I didn’t want to hurt you, but inevitably we went through all kinds of hurts and blessing and the things that can either tear people apart or bring them together. We stayed together because of God’s grace. 

You certainly gave me incentive to trust God in order to become a good husband and father to our children. I still don’t know how we have managed to end up with such wonderful people as those in our immediate family. Some things I am so grateful for but will never fully understand. 

I am pleased to be on a journey with you that started 40 years ago and has led us to this point. I am looking forward to the future. It has been quite a journey and who knows where it will lead.

I love you,



Our world is filled with the beauty of grace

It’s touch sweeps out, a soft cloud on a beach;

It beckons us to seek what is beyond our reach,

To shout and sing and worship face to Face.

Generations to come will take our place

And they in time will take their turn to teach.

For now we share our hearts and love to each

With footsteps in the sand they can retrace,

For timeless truths can never be removed

By waves that crash upon eternal shores,

But last to lead them to a life approved.

Now morning dawns and destiny explores

The path ahead, all obstacles removed.

Our world awakes to all that grace restores.

© Ross Cochrane


A ruby is blood-red, speaking of the blood of Jesus shed for us and His grace in our marriage.

In Job 28:18 and Proverbs 3:15, wisdom is more valuable than rubies. In Proverbs 31:10, a wife of noble character is worth more than rubies. Certainly this is true of you. You are valued highly.

Some place rubies beneath the foundations of a building to symbolise a good foundation. Our marriage is based on a good foundation in Christ.

All natural rubies have imperfections in them, including color impurities. We may have our imperfections but we serve a perfect God and we share the colour of His perfect character.

Some rubies reflect a three-point or six-point “star”. This shows our connection to God who is 3 in one and to the Star of Bethlehem that led wise men to Jesus. We have always looked for Him in our marriage.

Imitation rubies exist but those with all their flaws are still considered the most valuable. We don’t look for the flaws but the value in our marriage. Despite our flaws we share a genuine love for eachother.

Improvements to rubies include heat which improves transparency by healing of fractures (cracks) or even completely filling them. Our marriage has been tested and approved for 40 years.

I praise God for the honor of being your husband. I love you.



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When words just aren't enough

When words just aren’t enough.

Dear Grace*,

you were my prayer warrior, my mood changer, and inspiration. Your optimistic outlook even when a stroke left you with Dysphasia amazed and motivated me. Your beautiful voice and fluent speech became muddled, though you understood and communicated through your eyes and scattered words. And on those rare moments when we saw you crying, seeking to deal with the complexities of communication, our hearts cried with you.

You lived a day at a time with the photo of your husband not far away. Your genuine love for him and your family as you shared their sorrows and joys were the basis of your prayers. Your love for them and us was always reciprocated.

In the end you were so much a part of my own family that we can’t imagine you not being there. I will always remember your warm smiles at my devotions. And I will miss you trying to sing the hymns as best you could. I will miss your infectious laughter as you accepted us and guided us in our attempts to communicate with you.

You loved music and flowers and your room was so warm and welcoming. You were a faithful friend and we’ll miss you.

You loved the Lord and lived out that relationship by your love for others and we thank God that you are in a place with no more tears or pain where you can finally articulate clearly the faith you lived. Thankyou.

I told you I was going on holidays and that I would see you when I returned. It may take a little longer than I thought.

I wrote this poem for you yesterday

Glory be to God for muddled words,

For eyes that took rainbows captive with joy to share.

Your roses and music to us have been bequeathed.

Faith’s final race is run, undeterred,

The lure of heaven has called you from our care,

And all tears, all pain and trials have ceased

All words spoken, no longer slurred or strange,

Whatever is sung, ascends the heights of prayer

With soft, sweet, syllables of praise increased

She is to Him who is beyond all change,


By Pastor Ross Cochrane

*not her real name