Posted: December 10, 2014 in Old Age
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When words just aren't enough

When words just aren’t enough.

Dear Grace*,

you were my prayer warrior, my mood changer, and inspiration. Your optimistic outlook even when a stroke left you with Dysphasia amazed and motivated me. Your beautiful voice and fluent speech became muddled, though you understood and communicated through your eyes and scattered words. And on those rare moments when we saw you crying, seeking to deal with the complexities of communication, our hearts cried with you.

You lived a day at a time with the photo of your husband not far away. Your genuine love for him and your family as you shared their sorrows and joys were the basis of your prayers. Your love for them and us was always reciprocated.

In the end you were so much a part of my own family that we can’t imagine you not being there. I will always remember your warm smiles at my devotions. And I will miss you trying to sing the hymns as best you could. I will miss your infectious laughter as you accepted us and guided us in our attempts to communicate with you.

You loved music and flowers and your room was so warm and welcoming. You were a faithful friend and we’ll miss you.

You loved the Lord and lived out that relationship by your love for others and we thank God that you are in a place with no more tears or pain where you can finally articulate clearly the faith you lived. Thankyou.

I told you I was going on holidays and that I would see you when I returned. It may take a little longer than I thought.

I wrote this poem for you yesterday

Glory be to God for muddled words,

For eyes that took rainbows captive with joy to share.

Your roses and music to us have been bequeathed.

Faith’s final race is run, undeterred,

The lure of heaven has called you from our care,

And all tears, all pain and trials have ceased

All words spoken, no longer slurred or strange,

Whatever is sung, ascends the heights of prayer

With soft, sweet, syllables of praise increased

She is to Him who is beyond all change,


By Pastor Ross Cochrane

*not her real name

  1. Love this tribute to a wonderful woman.


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