Posted: November 8, 2015 in When the Wolf Howls
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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 3

The broadsword grazed past Abner’s face. He had twisted back to avoid it, and found himself off balance, leaving his back exposed to the next blow. His spear now lay on the ground beside him, facing the wrong way. With reflex action, and bending at the knees, he leaned back slightly, snatched the spear and drove it with all his might backwards hoping it would find its mark. The speed and power of the blow broke through Asahel’s ribs and the butt of the spear suddenly protruded from his back. The impact sent an intense shock through his body. He had stumbled awkwardly to the ground and died before his sword fell from his hand.

Abner’s arms ached, but his eyes remained alert. Men around him were continuing to fall back under the onslaught. He signalled to the trumpeter so that he could regather his troops on safer ground. This long war was coming to an end and he did not intend to see his men systematically decimated by Joab’s forces. It seemed that nothing would stop this cancerous slaughter of his troops unless Ish-bosheth was willing to negotiate with David. Up until now both kings had maintained separate armies.

This time, Joab’s eyes were filled with hatred. He was almost out of control with anger and grief as he came to the hill upon which the enemy had retreated. A tall, well-built man, he was normally shrewd in all the ways of war. He was the son of king David’s sister, Zeruiah, and had earned the right to become David’s general, though not yet officially. Not only did he plan his strategies well, but he had an instinct for how to gain advantage over the enemy. Surrender was not an option with Joab. Some called him stubborn, like a wild boar, but never to his face. He was a man who commanded respect and fear. Abner could see him standing on the rise of land, his silhouette stark against the sky, out of range of stray arrows, sword in hand, a mighty warrior, leading David’s army, step by step, to victory.


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