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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 6

It was not long after his conversation with Joab that rumours spread through the city about Abner that sent shock waves all over Israel. Absalom didn’t fully understand and raised the subject at the table with his father who had recently returned to Hebron.

“People are saying that Abner has made himself strong. What do they mean?”

“Well, you do keep your ears open, don’t you? It means he has slept with one of king Ish-bosheth’s royal concubines.”

“Oh.” Absalom felt a little embarrassed.

“Do you understand the significance of this?” said David.

“I know that it’s wrong.”

“Yes, it is wrong, especially for Abner.”


“If a soldier like Abner wants to indicate defiance to his king, then one way to do that is to sleep with a royal concubine. It is considered to be the ultimate statement of rebellion. You will hear people speaking about this as Abner ‘making himself strong.'”

“I still don’t understand why it is called ‘making yourself strong?'”

“At your age, my son, I wouldn’t expect you to. Let me explain it this way. By acting like a king himself, he hopes to gain the authority of a king. If these rumours are true then it means that there is a good chance that Abner will overthrow Ish-bosheth. Abner already exercises most of the authority in Israel anyway. He intends to ‘make himself strong’ by becoming king in Ish-bosheth’s place. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think so.” Absalom’s intrigue with Abner increased. “Making yourself strong.” He would never forget this term.

They were now relaxing after their meal. David enjoyed talking with Absalom when he had the opportunity. Although Absalom was a bit serious, he was a good listener.

“Rather than try to overthrow Ish-bosheth, Abner would do better to convince Ish-bosheth to seek to negotiate peace with me. I know that he wants to. Apart from Joab, Abner is the finest military strategist of our time. If he were to join forces with Joab they would be invincible.” said David.

“Joab says that Abner is a worm. He doesn’t like Abner because Abner killed his brother and Joab is going to kill Abner one day.” Absalom blurted this out in a matter of fact way that disturbed David. He wondered what kind of stories Joab was telling his son.

“Joab’s brother was killed in war and he has grieved for him for a long time,” said David, “Perhaps too long. But I think if Abner wants to make peace with us then Joab will have to find it in his heart to forgive Abner. Abner is a great man. He is strong and smart. And I’m sure you would like him.” Absalom was sure that he wouldn’t.


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