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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

Chapter 10

“Oh, it’s you,” said Joab, releasing his grip and letting Absalom catch his breath. “What do you want?” Absalom could not talk for some time and his eyes, still wide with fear were looking into Joab’s callous face.

“Talk boy! What are you doing here?” said Joab, thrusting the dagger into the table. Joab had been drinking fermented wine, trying to forget the humiliation that David had inflicted upon him at Abner’s funeral. To walk in front of the bier of the man who had murdered his own brother had been almost as much as he could take, but his own mother had insisted.

“I just came…to say…that I still want to be your friend.” Absalom whimpered, still shocked and close to tears.

Joab’s shoulders drooped and he looked to the floor. Then looking down into the young boy’s eyes, he said, “I’m sorry Absalom. Come here.” Absalom came to Joab’s arms, tears streaming down his face.

With the reassurance of Joab, Absalom calmed down quickly, feeling a little embarrassed with his show of emotions. Absalom looked at the knife that had killed Abner, now protruding from the table, and then back to Joab. In his deep rasping voice Joab said,

“Absalom, you need to learn how to be strong, like me, even when nobody agrees with you.” He reached for the dagger. “Here, I want you to have this. I don’t need it anymore.” He handed the weapon to Absalom. “Asahel would have wanted you to have it. When you are faced with a situation that demands justice, it will remind you of Asahel and how I was finally able to avenge his death. Now go away. I need to be alone.”

Absalom told no-one about the knife and concealed it in a box of his more treasured possessions. It would remain there for some years.


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