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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

Chapter 11

“It’s not bravery! It’s rebellion! People doing what they like without accountability and then saying it is God’s will!” David was lecturing Joab. “First you kill Abner and as if that wasn’t bad enough, now others have taken your lead and killed that harmless young man.”

The news of another violent killing had been as equally shocking as the death of Abner. King Ish-bosheth murdered! Killed and beheaded by some zealous traitors, Baanah and Rechab, who thought they’d win favour with king David. They had been wrong. David was so unimpressed with their lack of submission to their king that he had ordered Joab to execute them, immediately.

Now as their corpses lay on the ground, David drew his own sword from his sheath and faced Joab. Joab flinched visibly but stood his ground. He could see the tears of frustration forming in his king’s eyes. Suddenly, David turned to the bodies of Baanah and Rechab and with determined strokes, cut off their hands and feet. Joab breathed a sigh of relief, and David ordered him to hang their bodies in the village for all to see. This was a demonstration of David’s attitude towards those who treat a king with such disrespect.

Joab was also asked to bury the head of Ish-bosheth in Abner’s grave personally. He could not help but feel the sharp prongs of David’s disgust towards him as he complied with these orders.

It had been a senseless killing. King Ish-bosheth would have given the kingdom over to David willingly. He had already lost courage and it had been Ish-bosheth who had tried to please David by sending Michal to him.

To Absalom, as he watched the bodies of Baanah and Rechab being hung up beside the pool of Hebron, his father’s actions were inhumane, cruel and unjust. The fact that David did not take any action against Joab for killing Abner but took such drastic action against Baanah and Rechab for killing Ish-bosheth was very unfair. Joab was only cursed while these men were killed and displayed like meat in a market place.

Having no real understanding of authority and submission as yet, Absalom was becoming further entrenched in his attitudes against his father. It was obvious to no-one but God.


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