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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

Chapter 12

Samuel had originally anointed David, with the minimum of fuss, at Bethlehem at the very place where his descendant Jesus would one day be born and worshipped by wise men as the King of kings. David was then anointed again in the sight of all Israel and Judah at Hebron.

Along with the rest of David’s family, Absalom was given pride of place in this ceremony.

He played games, as every six year old does to relive the exciting event that he had just witnessed. In fact for months afterward he relived the whole scene in his mind or played with his brothers and cousins until they grew sick of the game. He acted out the part of his father, making a covenant with all of Israel and Judah. The two kingdoms finally becoming one. All the people liked him and he was being anointed as king. He could still hear the crowds roar their approval and he was intoxicated by the adoration again and again.

At six years of age, Absalom determined that one day he would be king. The crowds would come from all over Israel to watch as he was anointed with the holy oil mixed especially to pour over kings. He would ride in a chariot with hundreds of soldiers running alongside. He would dress in purple wearing Asahel’s dagger at his side. Everyone would admire him and bow down to him and they would listen and do everything he said. Yes, one day he would be king.


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