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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

Chapter 13

The ceremony of the anointing of king David over all the tribes of Israel had a tremendous impact upon Absalom, but now his father was off to war again. As long as Absalom could remember, his father was always going to war. One day it would be him who led his army into battle.

If Absalom learned anything from David it was that even the impossible could be achieved. This time, it was with the Jebusites who remained opposed to him.

The Jebusites thought that David would find it impossible to take their city, Jerusalem. It was well fortified and being on a mountain, it had been difficult to attack. But Jerusalem was too important to David. Up until this time David had ruled from Hebron but if he was to rule all of Israel he would need a more suitable capital. Standing halfway between the land of Judah and the rest of Israel, Jerusalem was an obvious choice. It was a neutral city, affiliated with none of the tribes of Israel. It’s importance in cementing relations within David’s kingdom and curbing intertribal jealousies was crucial.

David had shouted, “Whoever strikes down a Jebusite first shall be chief and commander of my army”. Without hesitation, Joab took some of his men and found their weakest defence. He was in the city before anyone else and killed the first Jebusite warrior.

David said that the presence of the Lord was with them as they fought and took control of Jerusalem. He was coming against the inhabitants of the land as the Lord had commanded. The taking of Jerusalem was clearly God’s will, not simply the will of the people.

For David, the emphasis would never be on the taking of a stronghold, but on whether the Lord was in its taking. Yes, the Lord God of hosts was with David. There were no doubts in David’s mind that God had put him on the throne to serve Him and His people Israel.


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