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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 20

It was never intended that the Ark of the Covenant be carried on a cart! David had insisted on leaving the planning for the transport of the Ark to Ahithophel, a trusted advisor. Zadok and Abiathar had tried to speak with David about this.

“The things that speak of the rulership and the presence of God are meant to be carried on the shoulders of His priests, the Levites. They alone are intended to be the vehicle of the Holy Presence of God,” said Zadok. The Levites alone are chosen by God for such a royal task. You know we are a holy priesthood, called to proclaim the excellent greatness of God. What must I say to change your mind? “A cart could never support the Ark of the Covenant. A cart is meant to carry light loads and sheaths from the harvests for short distances. And besides, they are notoriously unstable.”

David looked to Ahithophel for support. How do I get rid of these complaining priests? They are obviously jealous that I appointed Ahithophel to take care of the details of transporting the Ark. As far as David was concerned, it didn’t matter how the Ark arrived in Jerusalem as long as it arrived safely and soon.

Ahithophel said in a condescending tone. “I assure you, my lord, that the animals are strong and that the cart is new. It has never been used before.”

“But the point is that a cart was never intended to be used to carry the Ark.” said Zadok.

“I am sure that the Lord will understand,” said Ahithophel, still trying to be diplomatic but obviously annoyed. These interfering priests! What does it matter how the Ark is transported.

“How can you even think of carrying the Ark in such a way?” said Abiathar.

“Enough!” said David, “I have given the task to Ahithophel. What he decides is to be done. Do you understand?” The time for argument was over.

“Yes, my lord. But we will have no part in this.” Abiathar replied, and Zadok was obviously in agreement.

“That is entirely your choice.” These two have annoyed me long enough. Can’t they see they have already destroyed some of the excitement about this important occasion and of all things over some trifling matter of how the Ark is to be transported. I resent your intrusion. “Now leave me.” With these things still in his heart he had continued the preparations with Ahithophel and inspected the cart. Despite the unpleasant attitudes of the priests, it looked good. The two milch cows were strong. To all appearances, the cart would hold the weight. I should have ordered them to ride in the cart also. His annoyance had remained. Perhaps it was inevitable that the cart would stumble.


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