TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS – and Jesus isn’t being Politically Correct

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Political Correctness
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WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS – and Jesus isn’t being Politically Correct

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Political correctness describes language, policies, or measures which are intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society.

Words have changed to accommodate political correctness. We now have a Chair instead of a Chairman, a Sanitation Engineer instead of a Garbage Man, Physically Challenged people instead of the Handicapped. A Secretary is now an Administrative Assistant, and Failure is now Deferred Success. A small person is Vertically Challenged and Bald People are Follicularly Challenged

Old people must be Chronologically Advantaged. Someone suggested that we talk of the Dead as people who are metabolically challenged.

We can’t say “Merry Christmas” because of it’s Christian connotations, so we say “Happy Holidays” but run into trouble because “Holidays” originated from “Holy Days”. Apparently saying, “You are in my thoughts” is now better than “in my prayers.”

It’s Wrong or should I say Differently Logical.

I wondered how Jesus would find it if He had been born into and lived in our time.

I wonder what would happen,…

So I’ve written this poem

TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS – And Jesus Isn’t Politically Correct

© by Ross Cochrane


Twas the night before Christmas, and I’m wondering how

Jesus would live if he’d come to us now

How would He cope, because as I reflect,

Jesus was never politically correct


His disciples would answer as Servants” no longer

“Messianic Assistants” is a term so much stronger.

He must watch what He says; and not cause them disgrace,

And say “Spiritually challenged,” not “ye of little faith”,


Calling Pharisees “vipers” and talking of hell,

Is now labelled “Hate talk” and won’t go down well.

And equal rights advocates are really annoyed

Since women disciples have not been employed

And Zaccheus refuses to be labelled as short

He’s “Vertically Challenged” or he’ll take You to court


It all started the moment He came to the earth,

There was so much contention about Jesus’ birth;

Animal Liberationists want hay from the manger

To feed animals in the stable they say are in danger!

Mary’s ride on the donkey was just too much strain,

On the donkey, not Mary! It’s so inhumane!

When Jesus is titled the Lamb that was slain,

You wouldn’t believe – that offends them again!


“Did Jesus have a licence to run a café

When the bread and the fish were given away?”

The disciples, with no gloves, distributed food

Which leaves it wide open for them to be sued.

The Food Safety authorities are just not impressed

So twelve baskets left over have been repossessed.


And what of the people whom Jesus has healed

With no known credentials in the Medical field.

The Board of Physicians were so horrified

So they all tried to stop Him before someone died.

“We will take You to court for Malpractice,” they said

But that’s before Lazarus was raised from the dead


In an age where our words must be viewed as correct

What can He say if He wants to connect

He can’t speak of sacrifice, nor speak of the blood,

He can’t speak of Servanthood, evil or good,

Nor say He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life;

That would be too exclusive and only cause strife.


He can’t speak of heaven or say the Lord’s prayer,

And as for repentance, He must not go there.

Nothing of hell or belief in God’s Son,

Nor of the vict’ry o’er death He had won.


Nothing of God that is gender specific,

Nothing of faith, ’cause that’s unscientific,

Nothing of judgment or salvation in Christ,

No absolute truth, death, or sins payment price.


And as for the Bible, while not strictly forbidden,

Like “light under a bushel”, it’s better off hidden.

Why raise the ire of those psychological,

Who claim that salvation is all ecological.


Jesus wept and was empty. He wrote on the ground;

What fully acceptable thing could be found?

Something was needed, a gift that He might

Give to all and not anger the left or the right.


His gift was for all, but demands a decision,

From all groups of people and every religion;

Ev’ry ethnicity, ev’ry colour and hue,

Everyone, everywhere…and that includes you.

And it goes way beyond being naughty or nice,

For no-one but He could afford such a price.


And this is His gift, it’s price beyond worth…

The reason that Jesus was sent to the earth;

He loved us so much, He would not turn away;

He knew then and now of the problem today;

We look on the outside, but He looks within,

And died on a Cross to pay for our sin.


The reason for the season beyond Jesus’ birth,

Is His gift of forgiveness, Peace with God here on earth.



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