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Boxed Time

The Dawn of a New Era

Only a few picked up on the fact that the birth of Jesus was the culmination of over one hundred prophetic expectations written ages before He came, all very clear, referring to the Messiah; the Anointed One, the Deliverer, Prophet, Priest, Ruler and Judge? Jesus fulfils these predictions entirely. Uncanny! It was as if God was accomplishing His new year’s resolutions for a new era, not just a new year.

I can just imagine the new era’s clock ticking away.

The Messiah is to be a descendant of David; TICK! Born in Bethlehem; TICK! Born of a virgin; TICK! He is God with us. TICK! He is a teacher with great authority who will be rejected. TICK! He is to open the eyes of the blind, heal the sick, and raise the dead. TICK! He is to be despised and rejected by His own people, charged falsely, denied justice, and condemned to a violent death. TICK! He is to rise from the dead, ascend to the right hand of God, and be given power and authority. TICK! The predictions line up at a minute to midnight on history’s clock as the seconds counted down to Jesus’ coming, … TICK, TICK, TICK

Everyone is waiting and as the second’s tick down to 12, the angels respond with a shout of praise! HAPPY NEW ERA! “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” Acts 16:31 (NLT). “Good news that will bring great joy …” The Saviour is born that you can find new birth in Him! TICK! And it begins. It’s like God’s new year’s resolutions for us are all found in Christ. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Pastor Ross

  1. Happy New Year! God bless!

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