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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 48

The lion roared from somewhere in the hills as the sun began to set. There was no need for concern. It was some distance away and they had not had difficulties with lions for some time. Still the shepherds of Absalom’s flocks would need to be alert tonight. The discussion soon turned to other matters.

A few hours later it stalked through the grass, as silent as the night itself, towards the flock, taking a few rapid steps, and then somehow merging into the grass and semidarkness again, so that even the sharpest of eyes would have trouble spotting its majestic form.

Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

The request was innocent enough so David had granted it.

Absalom heard what had happened next from Tamar who was so traumatised by the events that she was in shock. Through her tears she said,

“Our father the king sent for me. He told me to go to my brother Amnon’s house and prepare food for him. I thought the request was strange but I obeyed. I found Amnon lying down. He was sick. I made cakes in his sight but when I dished them out to him he refused to eat.

All of a sudden he ordered everyone out of the house and he told me to bring the food into the bedroom so that he could eat from my hand. So I took the cakes which I had made and brought them into his bedroom.

That’s when he took hold of me and asked me to sleep with him. I was very afraid but I said, ‘No!’ and tried to get away, but he was determined. I said, ‘Amnon, please don’t violate me. You will be disgraced in all Israel. And what about me? I would never be free of my reproach.’

I told him that he would be like one of the fools in Israel. He still refused to let me go so I pleaded with him to speak to the king. I said that if he did then the king would probably agree for me to marry him. He still wouldn’t listen to me and he was too strong for me.”

At this point, Tamar broke down again and was shaking so much she was not able to continue for some time.

Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

The young male lion was rabid and almost starving. It’s matted mane was a light tawny colour and it’s ribs showed through it’s lean frame, yet still each muscle moved with the precision borne from instinct.

Normally the females would hunt, but the male had recently been chased from the pride by a larger and more dominant male. He had gone into the hills to recover from his wounds and his body now showed the scars of the confrontation. Hunger now urged him down into the plains and to risk possible contact with people.

The lion uttered a deep, warm rumbling sound as it selected its prey. Its attention was distracted momentarily as it spotted the shepherd and it’s ears flattened against its mane. It snarled and moved forward silently with rapid padded steps and then froze as it felt the wind change direction slightly. The flock was still being herded towards an enclosure. The scent had not yet reached them but instinctively the lion knew that it would have to move fast. The shepherd was out in front of the flock, calling them occasionally with a high pitched whistle.

Like a catapult being released, the elastic shape of the lion’s body exploded from the grasslands towards the flock.

The shepherd was caught totally by surprise and even as he turned, the lion had already covered a distance of 20 metres, it’s eyes intensely focused on a fat ewe on the edge of the flock. In a matter of seconds, the lion had come from its charge, reared up, and was sinking its hooked claws into the back of the ewe. The sheep crumpled to the ground under the weight and with a deft movement, the lion’s fangs were deep into its throat.

For a split second, it hesitated, it’s pale yellow eyes now fastened upon the shepherd and it’s ears twitching at the unfamiliar sound of his voice as he shouted abuse. It stood astride the fallen ewe and roared a warning as the shepherd approached, it’s fangs and eyes shining in the afterglow of sunset. It was determined to keep it’s kill.

The rank smell of the lion filled the shepherd’s nostrils as the stone from his slingshot was released with incredible velocity. At the same time, the lion bent down to pick up the carcass of the sheep and the stone whistled harmlessly through its mane.

In seconds, it had bounded back into the darkness and safety of the grasslands like a phantom of the night.

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