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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 51

Jonadab was most helpful as usual. If Absalom had known that it was Jonadab’s idea that enabled Amnon to meet Tamar, any business dealing with him would have ceased immediately and Jonadab would have found his life in danger, but for the moment, he was discovering how shrewd and clever this man was.

It was on that afternoon, as they were in conversation, that a single idea began to crystallise in Absalom’s mind to give him the closure he needed concerning his sister’s rape. Jonadab had started the conversation, “I hear that one of your sheep was taken by a lion last night”

Absalom said, “Yes, the lion got away. It was too quick.”

“I was talking with Amnon this morning. He said that he had a problem with a lion as well. Perhaps it is the same one.”

Absalom seemed to look into space for a moment and then said, “Yes, he would know all about lions who prey on innocent sheep!”  Why are you mentioning his name? he thought. His eyes began to flash with anger. Jonadab knew he had touched a sensitive nerve. He continued to talk about sheep and lions.

It felt strange and rather ironic that Jonadab, the son of one of the kings brothers, had given him the idea. As they had been discussing the sheep-shearing, Jonadab had asked Absalom if he intended to have the traditional celebration. “Yes, I am having a feast at Baal Hazor.”

Jonadab continued, “I suppose you must find it hard to celebrate the shearing of sheep with that lion still around?” Absalom turned to Jonadab and replied coldly, “Yes, the only celebration a shepherd can have with a lion around is…” Jonadab finished the sentence, “…if the lion is dead.” Both of them looked at each other and Jonadab smiled.

“Are we talking about the same lion?” Absalom said slowly, narrowing his eyes.

“Of course. Who else,” said Jonadab. The seed was planted. Jonadab left. Absalom, the wolf with iron teeth, would invite Amnon the predator, to a celebration of much more than sheepshearing.

Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

David was pleased to see Absalom in such good spirits for a change. Of late he had been so sullen. Absalom knew his father could not accompany him to his feast so after asking him out of courtesy, he said, “If you can’t come, then how about all my brothers?”

David was aware that Amnon desired to attend, but was cautious. Absalom had maintained his silence when it came to talking about Amnon. It must be over two years ago, now. “All your brothers? What about Amnon?” he said, to test the waters.

“All my brothers. Amnon, of course. It would not look right to leave him out.” It seemed reasonable that Amnon could attend if he was accompanied by all the king’s sons. David felt that this was a sufficient safeguard.

Absalom had no disagreement. I want you especially, Amnon. He would even invite Jonadab.

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