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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 63

“I believe Absalom is going to declare himself king when he arrives in Hebron”, he said to Ahithophel bluntly. Not being one to waste time, Hushai had come to Ahithophel to give his report and discuss what advice should be given to king David.

A quiet and unassuming man, Hushai went about his business largely unnoticed. He could blend in to any situation, reporting regularly to Ahithophel and sometimes to king David himself. In fact, his wisdom made him a trusted friend of David.

“The rumours are growing stronger. People are saying that Absalom is the natural choice and that he will certainly bring justice to the nation.”

Ahithophel was a little annoyed. “I am aware of the rumours but we can’t simply act on hearsay. We don’t have enough facts. The king would regard us as foolish. …Besides Absalom may well be the next king, one day.” Where do you stand Hushai? thought Ahithophel. Where are you going with this? I can’t afford to get on the wrong side of Absalom now.

Hushai was a little surprised by Ahithophel’s response. He said, “You approve of Absalom’s actions?”

“This young man has shown himself to be a man of justice. He is well liked and has developed a huge following. I think we may well be seeing our next king.” Ahithophel repeated.

Deciding to explore what Ahithophel was thinking rather than argue, Hushai said,“Perhaps you are right. But what should we tell the king about Absalom? It won’t be long before he arrives in Hebron.”

“We will tell him nothing … and continue to watch Absalom’s movements.”

Hushai said nothing more. He already had a man watching Absalom. Although he felt very uneasy about Ahithophel’s advice, he felt it wise not to pursue the topic further with a man so greatly respected by king David. They were interrupted by a messenger just as he was about to leave.

The message was from Absalom, asking if Ahithophel would join him in Hebron. Surprised, but pleased that Absalom had sent for him, Ahithophel had responded quickly, without the king’s permission to take leave. He gave Hushai orders.

“Stay in Jerusalem and be on hand should the king want assistance, but do not tell him of my whereabouts. I will personally gain knowledge of Absalom’s intentions and we will decide our next move when I return,” he said. “If Absalom is declaring himself as king, so be it. But don’t speak of this before the king yet. It’s not time.”

On numerous occasions now Ahithophel had spoken to Hushai about Absalom. He had wanted to suggest to the king that Absalom becomes a chief judge in the court but was waiting for the right moment. Since Hushai had kept silent on the issue, Ahithophel had interpreted his silence as agreement. Hushai could see that he was blinded by the strange power of persuasion that Absalom had over people.

The two hundred men who went with Absalom from Jerusalem had little idea of what Absalom’s intentions were. One man, however, stayed as close as possible to Absalom, watching every move that he made, listening to every word he could possibly hear without looking too suspicious and waiting for the right moment.

Pastor Ross

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