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Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

© by Ross Cochrane

Chapter 70

Ahimaaz and Jonathan remained completely still, straining to hear as much as they could from the darkness above them. They were crammed into a small space inside a well in the middle of the courtyard. Eliana had placed a covering over the well and spread grain on it so that it looked like the place of threshing. They heard her say, “Can I offer you some food, sir” and knew that she was trying to entice someone away from their hiding place.

Something in her manner seemed to be unusual, but Paltiel could not pinpoint what it was. He had been here only once before, visiting Eliana’s husband, asking many questions about the people in the area. Since he had appeared to be friendly, her husband had welcomed him.

Eliana thought, If only Azriel were here now. They had long since assumed Paltiel to be one of Absalom’s spies. There were those in Bethurim who were very much against David. Many of them had agreed to be Absalom’s eyes and ears. When Ahimaaz and Jonathan had arrived she had the wisdom to have the road watched and the well ready for use.

As Eliana stood in the courtyard she could see the hate in Paltiel’s eyes. She had seen that same hate burning in the eyes of another man named Shimei. A hatred fired white hot and molten in the furnaces of Absalom’s war.

Not willing to move a muscle, Ahimaaz and Jonathan remained silent. They could hear the sound of their own breathing but nothing else. How long could they maintain their positions? Extremely uncomfortable they waited and the confinement of the well seemed to be pressing in on them with each minute that went by. They could hear nothing from above.

Then, when they were least expecting it, the covering of the well began to move. Suddenly, light flooded into to their hiding place, hurting their eyes and exposing their vulnerability. Ahimaaz could hear his pulse pounding in his ears as he felt a hand take hold of his wrist. He flinched but the grip was strong. We have been discovered!

“You can come out now”, Eliana said, with music in her voice, “They’re gone.” Both of them breathed a sigh of relief as they were assisted from the well. They were cramped and aching from the confined space. A smile radiated from a red and bruised face as they departed. This brave woman had risked her own life to save theirs.

The search had apparently continued for some time but to no avail. Eventually, frustrated and angry, Paltiel and his men had returned to Jerusalem.

Dagger for When the Wolf Howls

David’s men recognised Ahimaaz and Jonathan at the ford and they were ushered into his presence. They were both breathless as they gave their warning, “You will need to cross the Jordan immediately! Ahithophel has counselled against you.”

David spoke with Joab,

“We will head towards Mahanaim.”

“Yes, my lord. I shall speak with the other leaders.”

“No. Tell them only one part of our journey at a time. Absalom may have spies among us and I don’t want to risk the lives of so many people.”

David mobilised his people immediately and by dawn, they had all crossed the Jordan.


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