Genesis 32:29 – HOW TO HANDLE THE GREATEST CONFLICT OF ALL – Instructions in Diplomatic Integrity – Part 12

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Genesis 32
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Instructions in Diplomatic Integrity – Part 12

Jacob is preparing to come face to face with Esau but along the way, Jacob wrestles with God in human form, who fights with him until dawn? Jacob wouldn’t let the man go. Even after his hip is dislocated, Jacob still holds on and asks God for a blessing (See Part’s 1-11).

How do I come to a place of finding the right outcome when I am experiencing the stress of pain?


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Persistence © by Ross Cochrane

Jacob was persistent in pursuing the blessing.

“Please tell me Your Name,” Jacob said. “Why do you want to know My Name?” the man replied. Then He blessed Jacob there” (Genesis 32:29 NLT).

Jacob has been wrestling with God, and now, in pain, he seems unsure.

It is unnecessary for God to reciprocate with a specific name. What is important is that Jacob responds to Him in faith. Faith doesn’t always give us all the information we want but it enables us to trust in God.

It is extremely important that Jacob is subservient to the man who gave him the blessing. So God blesses Jacob in that place. He is both injured and blessed. A most curious thing for God to do. Nobody walks away from a fight with God without a limp; humbled in some way.

What specific kind of blessing is it? It isn’t healing. Perhaps just further reassurance of the promises God had given to him already. Kind of putting God’s stamp of approval on the whole thing with a blow that almost crushed him.

Now he still has to meet Esau and his army of 400 men but it seems to me that after you have fought with God and received a blessing, then 400 men don’t seem as big a problem anymore. What happens with Esau? There’s more of this story to come.

Let me ask you “Have you ever had a similar experience to Jacob?”

Have there been times when you have struggled with God? Perhaps struggled with your belief in Him, or struggled in prayer with Him. It’s worth the struggle because when we struggle with God, we may go through a bit of pain along the way but eventually, if we persist, we will receive God’s blessing.

Don’t give up on the struggle. Don’t give up because you go through difficult times that humble you into the place of complete trust. Hold on to God until the blessing comes. It will demand faith. Then you will begin to understand that there is a bigger picture. What is that picture? (Find out by reading Part 13. Coming Soon).

Pastor Ross

  1. Love the phrase … “nobody walks away from a fight with God without a limp..” a constant reminder of who God is, and who we are.


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