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Jacket - World-Hanger 2

Damaged © by Ross Cochrane using Blender 2.79 and

Matthew 20:28 – EXCHANGED

 I didn’t notice it until now, but it is not what the salesperson told me it was, and it is not the size or color I asked forWhat was I thinking? This jacket I am wearing is far too small and far too dark and the lining is torn, and I want it exchanged. 

How fortunate. The same salesperson who sold it to me is still here. I show him the docket and ask him for a replacement, but I am told I am not entitled to one. 

“I beg your pardon,” I say, It is damaged, I don’t want it, it doesn’t fit me and is far too restrictive. I have no use for a small, ill-fitting, damaged jacket!” but he does not listen, even when I begin to raise my voice.

“Please don’t shout at me,” he says, making me feel bad“The sign says, (he points at the sign) NO REPLACEMENTS OR REFUNDS.”

I’m sorry,” I say, “but your sign means nothing, and you know that, by law, you must replace damaged goods. This is a major problem and I have a right to a replacement. I would not have bought this jacket if I had known it was damaged.” I can’t believe I bought it anyway. I don’t even like it. 

He smiles and asks to take a look at the jacket. I show him the torn lining and he says“It looks perfectly OK to me, and you have waited far too long.

shake my head and look him in the eye. “This jacket is obviously seriously damaged. I demand a replacement! He smiles again, sighs and relents. “Very well, take a look at the jackets and find one which is of the same value.”

I look at the other jackets only to find that all of them have increased dramatically in price, all of them are badly made, and all of them are far too small. I am starting to get annoyed and ask instead for a refund and when he says “No,” I threaten to go to Consumer Affairs. 

“Look,” says the shop owner“Since you have a docket, here’s what I will do. I will give you a repair notice and you can find anyone you choose to repair the jacket and I will pay the full price for the repair.” 

am suspicious, but I need a jacket and I leave the store feeling angry that I accepted having to wear something too small, but I find a store in the shopping center who does repairs and give them the repair notice and ask about my jacket. 

“Another one”, the shop owner says, “I’m sorry but we cannot repair your jacket. It is not worth the time or effort. It’s so badly made, it would only tear again. You have been duped and this repair notice is worthless. I am not willing to take the chance and bear the cost.” 

“I will find someone else who will repair it“. 

“You won’t find anybody else who is willing,” she says. 

I will contact Consumer Affairs,” I say. “And what did you mean when you said, ‘Another one’?

“Look around you”, she says, “Everyone has a jacket like yours.” 

I am just about to ask what on earth she is talking about when I look around at the other shoppers, only to find, to my horror, that everyone is wearing a jacket like mine. Is this a dream? It is hardly the fashion to wear damaged, ill-fitting garments. I am astounded. What is going on?   

Just then I see a man walking towards me who is NOT wearing an ill-fitting damaged jacket. His jacket fits him perfectly. It is tailored without flaws and made of the finest of fabrics and He really stands out in a crowd. I am extremely pleased for Him (well, perhaps a little jealous)

He notices me looking at Him and says, “Do you realize your jacket is damaged?” I am annoyed and a little embarrassed by this question (is it that noticeable?) but smile and say, “Yes, I am trying to find someone to repair it?” 

He says, “Your jacket is not designed to fit who you are.”

“Well, it seems to be the fashion, I say, looking around, “and it cost me a great deal.”

“The wages of sin is death,” He says. It looks like your jacket can be replaced, but not repaired. The shop assistant gives me a look as if to say, “I told you so.” 

He continues, “Here, let me take a look at your jacket. I’m a tailor. No harm in letting him look.

I can’t seem to get it off and feel foolish until He helps me. Then He takes off His own jacket and says, “Try mine.” I must admit, I would like to try on this beautifully made jacket, so I don’t refuse His invitation

Strange. He puts on my jacket as I try on His. 

“It fits you well.” He says. My jacket on Him looks grotesque. I can see all its flaws.   

“Yes, I can feel how comfortable it is.

It suits you,” He says. In fact, it was made for you. It is yours, a gift. You are a new person.

“I can’t afford such a jacket,” I protest, but when I look up He is walking away wearing my jacket and I try to say something but there are people with old jackets all over the place and I am distracted as I look at my new self in a shop windowA gift, He said…

Of course, you realize now that this is a parable.

Jesus exchanged my sin for His righteousness. He did not repair me. I do not have patches on my sinfulness. He doesn’t just stitch up my tatters. God sees me as forgiven because of what Jesus did for me on the Cross. Romans 5:1 (NLT) says, “Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.”

Romans 13:12 (NLT) says, … clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. …” Galatians 3:26 (NLT) says I have “… put on Christ, like putting on new clothes. 

Matthew 20: 28 says For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom (substitute) for many.”

I have exchanged death for life because the price was paid. The dark, ill-fitting, damaged-goods jacket of my sin was exchanged for the perfectly fitting jacket of His righteousness. 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 (NLT) says,  For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering (substitute) for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.

Galatians 6:15 says we can be distracted by things that don’t really matter in life. It says, What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NASB) says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

The invitation to EXCHANGE is still available.

Pastor Ross


Love,Judgment and Grace12

Love, Justice and Grace © Image created by Ross Cochrane using Blender Cycles


Five Taliban leaders are released in return for the release of Bowe Bergdahl after he was taken hostage in Afghanistan. The Taliban negotiated a ransom price in the form of a prisoners exchange for Bergdahl. It is not uncommon in theatres of war to negotiate to secure the release of prisoners. Nevertheless, Bergdahl was subsequently judged by court-martial and sentenced for the crime of desertion from his unit before being captured.

A bridge in the shape of a Cross. God’s love on one side. God’s Justice on the other. The hostages of Satan are kept in the Slave Market of Sin. God’s Justice and God’s law demands the death penalty.

God’s love releases His sinless Son as a ransom. Jesus walks across the bridge to pay the price demanded by God’s Justice. He is subsequently judged by evil men and sentenced to die on a Cross. In exchange, all prisoners have the freedom to walk across the bridge to receive His life. Not all do.

Romans 5:10 (NLT) says, “For since our friendship with God was restored by the death of His Son while we were still His enemies, we will certainly be saved through the life of His Son.”

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Love, Justice and Grace. Images and Animation © by Ross Cochrane using Blender 2.79

The Justice of God is satisfied by the death of the sinless Son of Man. The Love of God is expressed by granting life to the hostages of Satan incarcerated in the Slave Market of Sin. Satan, Sin, and death are defeated as Jesus rises from the dead. Those who have walked towards God’s love are no longer condemned. Those who choose to remain behind are already condemned.

John 3:17-18 (NLT) says “God sent His Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him. There is no judgment against anyone who believes in Him. But anyone who does not believe in Him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son.” 

Matthew 20: 28 says For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.”

The invitation of the Exchange remains open.

Pastor Ross

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The Wall © Animation (Instagram) and images by Ross Cochrane

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We all co-signed the legal document. We all had a part in our politiciansbusiness managers, educators, scientists and religious leaders to endorse an executive order to build the wall.  

Yes, Governor Adam and his wife Eve sealed the act, so there is a precedent for wall buildingBut we were all there when, as an act of arrogant declaration of ushering in untold wealth and prosperity, they took a bite of the forbidden fruit. It was momentous and although they were deported for their actions, they changed the world and we successfully built the wall to keep God out.   

Jesus, the Substitute Terrorist 

Some say that Jesus has built a bridge and walks among us even now infiltrating our defenses and forming sleeper cells. Jesus the terrorist; a dangerous and unwanted criminal who will corrupt the minds of our children, radicalizing them to be subservient to His LeadershipWe built the wall to prohibit Him and His followers from having an influence on us. 

We must be vigilant. Most cells are inconspicuous enough and many remain dormant. But they can be activated unaccountably by religious zeal as they pray or listen to their preachers, and all of a sudden, they are making an impact on our way of life, threatening to sabotage our educational and social norms by proselytizing any who will listen, and destroying our cultural icons.  

There is nothing new here. The wall of China, castle walls, the walls of Jericho, the walls of Jerusalem, the Berlin wall, the Iron Curtain. They are all designed to keep us insulated and keep the enemy at bay. We like to hold onto our territory, secure our boundaries. We build fences around our houses. The curtain in the temple in Jerusalem was not enough to separate people from God.  . We need the wall! 

This isn’t about drugs and guns, because these we have already legalized. This is about blocking an invading enemyYes, it is a wall against the immigration of faith-based advocates of the teachings of the Bible and against the unwanted radicalization of our children by those who follow Christ, simply that.  

It’s all to do with what we want for our community. We don’t want Jesus or His kind of influence among us, telling us to repent with His message of servanthood. 


Two different worlds divided by a vicious, impenetrable barrierIt snakes its deadly pathway through humanity. The development of these malevolent blocks of sinful enterprise has placed a death penalty upon all born behind this Wall of ShameBehind this wall, we die to any sense of what is right and reveal only the arrogance of the human heart. It is an unhealed wound which magnifies the waywardness of the human soul. It is built from the gravestones of a lost world, a slave market of the human spirit.  

I was born inside the walled slave market. We all were. All the political and educational leaders, all the respectable people, all the non-respectable people, all the moral, immoral, amoral, religious, irreligious, non-religious, the educated and uneducated, the rich and the poor, every race and every gender preference.  

Although this wall brings to mind the schemes of Donald Trump, it is far more comprehensive; with global implications Its bars and barriers are constructed of human sin (Romans 3:23) which have separated humanity from God. Its foundation is laid with white-washed tombs because the penalty of our sin is eternal death (Romans 6:23). It is constructed of our false trust in human righteousness ignoring that all of us have gone our own way (Isaiah 53).  

But the wall humanity has built to keep Jesus, the refugee, out, far from enslaving God, has enslaved ourselves 

Jesus, the Substitute Refugee 

Romans 5:8 (NLT) says, But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” 

Jesus, born of a virginthe only free person who ever lived, came into the world outside the walled slave market of our sin. He built a bridge and walks among us and invites us to follow Him. God became a man and offers us eternal life. 

To purchase my freedom I needed someone outside the wall to pay the ransom price, but the ransom price was deathoffered to God to satisfy His justice and wrath against my sin.  

I am eternally grateful that Jesus paid the price and died on the Cross to purchase my freedom from the penalty of my sin. He paid the full ransom price with His own death so that I could live in freedom. was the refugee without a home and Jesus welcomed me into His Kingdom. Matthew 20: 28 (NLT) says Jesus came  to give His life as a ransom for many.” He became a substitute for me. 

Romans 5:10 (NLT) says, “For since our friendship with God was restored by the death of His Son while we were still His enemies, we will certainly be saved through the life of His Son.” 

The Cross became a battering ram to open the way to God. There is a God-sized gap in the wall of every human heart. He invites those who will exercise faith to walk through itand to implore our world to   

Tear down this wall!” 

Pastor Ross 

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The greatest expression of Christ's amazing love is intrinsically woven into the Cross. The ransom He paid for us is like a beautiful, precious blood red ruby sweeping its reflections across our lives and dancing its light into our hearts. I have been ransomed with such a treasure as this. My sins separated me. The cost was the death of Jesus Christ to free me and return me to a relationship with God. (Images and animation done with Blender Cycles and Yafaray by Ross Cochrane) #blender #blender3d #blendercycles #blenderrender #blender3dart #blenderartist #blenderart #blenderguru #imageblender #blenderanimation #blenderanimations #blenderanimationproject #blenderanimate #blenderanimationnodes #blenderanimator

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Cross=Love. Press for instagram Animation © Image and Animation above by Ross Cochrane

Matthew 20:28 – RANSOM

The greatest expression of Christ’s amazing love is intrinsically woven into the Cross of Christ. The ransom He paid for us is like a beautiful, precious blood-red ruby sweeping its reflections across our lives and dancing its light into our hearts.

I have been ransomed with such a treasure as this. My sins separated me. The cost was the death of Jesus Christ to free me and return me to a relationship with God.

Pastor Ross