Genesis 36 – EMAILS TO ESAU – Part 3

Posted: January 22, 2019 in Genesis, Genesis 36
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Genesis 36 – EMAILS TO ESAU – Part 3 

Hi Esau, 

Thanks for all the information about your grandsons. You really have got quite a crowd to lead.  

Tell me, how did you originally come to live in Mt Seir? I’ve heard of an old hillbilly named Seir who pioneered that region and settled there.  

He was still around when we were young. The stories go that he had 7 sons who were prominent clan leaders called the Horites? Dad always told us to keep away from them. They had a reputation of being mercenaries, thugs and thieves. So how did you end up in Seir which you now call Edom? 



Dear Jacob, 

We ended up in Mt Seir because I have an even greater group of mercenaries, thugs and thieves than Seirs seven sons. We dispossessed them of everything and occupied their land. They were a bunch of cave dwellers, used to living rough, but they were a pretty wiley bunch and good fighters. They weren’t expecting to be routed, but they are actually better off now than they were.  

We took some of their women to be our wives. My wife Oholibamah is the daughter of one of Seir’s sons, Anah. My son Eliphaz has a Horite concubine named Timna. She is the last daughter of Seir. He was pretty old when she was born, but she is still older than Eliphaz. Eliphaz gained some points with the Horites when he married her. 



So do I choose quick results of material gain and power or learn to be patient and believe in the promises of God? Esau’s philosophy: Who needs to depend on God for things when you can take care of it yourself? Pursue the self-centered advantage. Jacobs philosophy: Struggle with obeying God, but learn eventually to patiently wait for His promises to be fulfilled.   

God humbles those like Jacob, while others, like Esau, gain the whole world. … But lose their own soul. 

Pastor Ross 

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