Genesis 37:14-17 – DIARY OF A LOST DREAMER – Part 4

Posted: June 23, 2019 in Genesis, Genesis 37
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Genesis 37:14-17 – DIARY OF A LOST DREAMER – Part 4 

Lost – Found © Image created by Ross Cochrane

I imagine that this is the diary of Joseph, extrapolated from the Biblical narrative with my reflections. 

Diary of Joseph: My father is concerned. My 11 other brothers told him they would be pasturing the flocks on our land near Shechem Genesis 37:12. He tried to dissuade them from going back to this town because our family is not well-liked in that area. They have been gone sometime now and he sent me to see how things are going and then to come back with a report.  


Finally, I have arrived in Shechem and to our pasture lands. After searching for some time, there is no sight of my brothers. 

Then again, my brothers have always been lost to me. Astray, off-track. Adrift. Going around in circles concerning their faith. They seem to have lost their bearings concerning who they are. Nowhere to be found. Missing to me but I am not missed by them. They are not present even when they are with me. Lost dreams and threatened by my dreams. Lost opportunities.  

What do I tell my father? They have vanished. Are they still alive? Have I lost them to those in the area who desire them dead? 

Why did my brothers come back to Shechem? Are they victims of their past, destined to re-tread their mistakes? Did they come back looking for healing?  

My father still owns property in the area, but why come back to this place with memories of rape and death and trauma. Are they trying to face up to or justify their rampage of revenge and murder of innocent people? Are they trying to big-note their gang mentality, put on a front of courage, taunt those in the area, find a reason to get into another fight?  

Perhaps they are trying to get as far away from my father’s eyes as possible so they will not be micromanaged, or spied upon by me? They would not expect that my father would send me to them if it was anywhere near Shechem? They think he is over-protective of me, but he is also over-protective of his business interests. 

Do they have some kind of business deal going with the people of this area that they don’t want my father to know about? What do I do next? Keep looking I suppose.  

Father God, help me find them. Lord God, save them from themselves. 


I resumed my search and almost immediately, a man from the area noticed me wandering around the countryside.  

“What are you looking for?” he asked firmly. He was friendly but with an air of authority, perhaps thinking I was a poacher. Whoever he was, I was grateful for any help I could get.

“I’m looking for my brothers,” I replied. “Would you happen to know where they are pasturing their sheep?” The man didn’t know me, but from the wary look he gave me, I knew that he was aware of my brothers presence in the area. He was perhaps, an unofficial lookout around Shechem and I am sure he would not have welcomed my brothers back into this area, probably suggesting strongly that they leave.  

I knew he had been with my brothers when he told me that he had overheard one of them say “Let’s go to Dothan.”  How did he happen to hear this?

God protected our family when we left Shechem. Was this man one of God’s servants, sent to direct my brothers away from the area. Was he sent to find me also in a field and guide me to my brothers? Perhaps I’m simply imagining things. Just a random stranger in a random field.

My brothers head further and further away from home and further away from any form of accountability. 

Only another days journey. Dothan (Two wells) is beautiful, with rich pasture lands. A trading city and quite large. My brothers would head towards the springs. No doubt I’ll find them near the wells. I will wear my overseers coat so they recognize me. I can’t bow to their negativity about my leadership mantle. Those who live in negativity refuse to entertain dreams, but those who dream refuse to be contained by negativity. 


Pastor Ross 

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