Marie – 2020

Posted: May 3, 2020 in Portraits
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Marie © Gouache Watercolour Painting by Ross Cochrane 2020

This is my Portrait of Marie. Marie was born during a Pandemic and I have painted her portrait during another.

She was born in 1919. Her mother fell sick with the Spanish Flu, but survived, as did Marie. During those war torn years, and times of hardship, her father became an alcoholic and Marie always felt sorry for him.

Marie grew up in Sydney, Australia and remembers her uncle who she loved and respected. Her mother died when she was twenty. Her father died soon after.

She became an accountant for many years until she met her husband, a good man who died only 6 years ago at the same Aged Care Facility that she is in.

Marie has a son who has been able to visit her by means of a kind of cage set up at the side of the building in order to keep social distancing. With restrictions lifting, I told her that the cage was being removed. She said she was sorry to see it go as she has some good memories from her son’s visits. She said, “I loved that cage”. She said she has 4 grandsons although I think this may be 4 great grandsons.

She was not a great sportsperson but remembers playing at the same courts as Margaret Court. She knew Margaret quite well.

Marie remembers the times when Catholics and Protestants would walk down different sides of the streets to go to Church. She asks me what I think about Cardinal Pell and keeps up to date with what is happening in the world.

Painting Marie’s portrait has given me important opportunities to touch base with her. After she saw her portrait she said, “You have made my day”.

Ross Cochrane

Pastor and Chaplain

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