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Choose your allies carefully, by Ross Cochrane using and

Choose your allies carefully, by Ross Cochrane using and

He is throwing away his victim club credit card. Now he has to convince those he loves that he is justified in moving in the direction of the promise.

“So Jacob called Rachel and Leah out to the field where he was watching his flock” (Genesis 31:4 NLT). 

There are no bugs in the field except insects, so this is a private conversation. He shares in detail what has transpired, hoping for allies. Will they agree to leave their father for a destination they know nothing about? It’s a little unnerving when your only allies are related to the opposition. Will they betray him? But then, if he can’t trust those he loves who can he trust?

Will they be willing to give up their present comfortable, predictable lifestyle to venture into the unknown? Am I? Am I willing to risk the sacrifice it takes to get on board with my destiny? Am I living the life God intends for me now? I have certainly had to ask myself that question lately.

All sorts of questions are pulsing through Jacob’s head. What if the family shows no sympathy for my situation? Will I still pursue what I know is right and make the flight?

Jacob is confused at work. He always keeps his guard up around Laban. He has had to modify his normal behaviour and choose his words carefully, avoiding conflict and confrontation. Is he afraid of Laban?

So many questions; Will Laban overreact by us leaving? Will he ridicule my plans or accuse me of betraying him? Will he make me feel guilty for taking his daughters away? Will he accuse me of hurting him by my actions? Will he humiliate me in front of others? Will staying fulfil my destiny? Have I invested too much to simply leave now?

He chooses not to confront Laban directly. He will slide away into the desert without letting him know they are going. Does he fear his anger?

As he gathers his family, was Jacob asking himself “Am I too old?” That must have crossed his mind. If he doesn’t move now he may never move. If I was young. If I was single. If I had an even greater degree of financial independence. If I have your support. If….?

“I have noticed that your father’s attitude toward me has changed. But the God of my father has been with me” (Genesis 31:5 NLT). He begins by saying in effect “Your father is not with me. The God of my father is with me.” A good place to start. Choose your allies carefully. He is firmly allied with God.

He cannot ignore the voice of God’s promptings. He cannot sacrifice himself on the altar of mediocrity for the rest of his life and wonder what if. He feels anxious, drained but somehow buoyed by the prospect of a better future.

No more if’s! “God is with me.” The question is “Lord, is this what You want for my life?” That’s when the invitation of God’s promise whispers once again and I will know if I am to go or stay. “Lord, I am listening.” 

Pastor Ross