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I just discovered that my Kindle book on the book of Job “Above the Storm” is now on the Best Sellers List at rated at #2,668,129 (That’s popularity not sales).

This indicates that I have a little way to go to be in the top #20 and I would love it if you could help me in my quest.

“Above the Storm” is a book of short creative fictional and non-fictional stories used to illustrate the truths of each chapter of the book of Job. It was a lot of fun to write over a period of years and reading over some of the chapters still makes me smile and reflect on valuable lessons from the Book of Job.

Hope you can help me in my quest to break into the top #20 of Kindle books by purchasing a copy. I am confident that you will think that it is worth the more than reasonable purchase price.

Above the Storm is an exploration of the book of Job for the creative mind. Job sought to explore the untraveled path of grief because his life had catastrophically changed.

Above the Storm is willing to address the tired, age-old question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” but be prepared for unexpected answers.

Within this book, you will find an Elephant and a Termite, a man called Misery, a Hitman, a Dump Truck driver and many others who answer that question and beyond. Each article is brief enabling you to explore specific sections of the whole book of Job, a commentary like no other. You will also find beautiful and creative illustrations, artworks and photographs to enhance your journey.

With each page, you will come across parables and illustrations that creatively bring home the depth of the message of Job with relevance and challenge. Be prepared. You may even find yourself revising your own assumptions about God because of a man called Job.

Joy Kennedy, (Counsellor, Chaplain and proofreader), says, “… Ross, I am in awe of your gift for writing and give God praise that I have been so privileged to be enabled to spend some quality time reading your work and reflecting on your thoughts. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your creative ideas!

It occurs to me that this work holds much merit as a potential textbook for people studying Christian Counselling and for students in Christian schools, to assist them to gain a fuller understanding of the need to gain greater skill in the “art of listening” and in overcoming any tendency to need to have all the answers. I too have learned a lot from your work! …”

Pastor Ross