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Genesis 1 – What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Genesis 1 speaks of how it all started. In the beginning, not for Him but for us, our awesome God created light and darkness, water and sky, seas and land, vegetation, sun, moon and stars, fish and birds and finally man and animals. All in 6 days. Not bad.

How fulfilling to work on project universe would it have been, perfect from the beginning as is everything that comes from God’s hand. I composed a song recently for Julie in my quietimes and it was so fulfilling after weeks of work to present it to her. I was so excited that I was shaking, and while I worked on it I couldn’t wait to finish and present it to her as a finished product. It seems to me that God couldn’t wait to present the heavens and the earth to man and say “It’s yours. Rule over it. Have kids and bring them up here. This is yours!” Can you imagine that? How cool would that be on that day to be created and wake up to see what God had done! Whohah!! (or however that is pronounced).

And we are created in His image. Later he says “You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea.” It seems we are the only images that were created. We represent Him and that’s it! Nothing else is to be made in the image of God because it would be totally inadequate. We are it! To me that’s such an awesome thought. It’s as if God says, “I made creation for you. Rule over it. Don’t let it rule over you. Don’t be in submission to created things!

We are so concerned about climate change right now that everything we do can be dominated by our desire to be green. It seems that the rulership God gave us needs God’s help if it is ever going to work. When God rules over us we’ll start getting it right, so that our rulership of the world will bring about something good, not destructive to the next generation, Otherwise all we’ll do is end up worshiping creation above our wonderful God. Let’s get it all back into perspective. The God of the universe who created it and us (and 1 John says that was Jesus Himself) is our only hope for now and eternity.

God bless you as you represent Him as the only acceptable images of the living God today. Created in His image to serve the living God.

Pastor Ross