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Marie © Gouache Watercolour Painting by Ross Cochrane 2020

This is my Portrait of Marie. Marie was born during a Pandemic and I have painted her portrait during another.

She was born in 1919. Her mother fell sick with the Spanish Flu, but survived, as did Marie. During those war torn years, and times of hardship, her father became an alcoholic and Marie always felt sorry for him.

Marie grew up in Sydney, Australia and remembers her uncle who she loved and respected. Her mother died when she was twenty. Her father died soon after.

She became an accountant for many years until she met her husband, a good man who died only 6 years ago at the same Aged Care Facility that she is in.

Marie has a son who has been able to visit her by means of a kind of cage set up at the side of the building in order to keep social distancing. With restrictions lifting, I told her that the cage was being removed. She said she was sorry to see it go as she has some good memories from her son’s visits. She said, “I loved that cage”. She said she has 4 grandsons although I think this may be 4 great grandsons.

She was not a great sportsperson but remembers playing at the same courts as Margaret Court. She knew Margaret quite well.

Marie remembers the times when Catholics and Protestants would walk down different sides of the streets to go to Church. She asks me what I think about Cardinal Pell and keeps up to date with what is happening in the world.

Painting Marie’s portrait has given me important opportunities to touch base with her. After she saw her portrait she said, “You have made my day”.

Ross Cochrane

Pastor and Chaplain

Hi Everyone,

Password – baptistcare33233

BaptistCare is celebrating 75 years of service to the community. My Artwork in a short film was nominated to kick things off at the first of a number of meetings around the state. It was my privilege to exhibit 14 of my Portraits of the residents of Shalom in the foyer of the huge Conference Room at Rydges, Norwest Sydney. Many people attended.

My portraits were presented beautifully and the film represented my heart for the residents perfectly. The password is baptistcare33233

I am presently painting portraits of people who are over the age of 100 years old. You can see some of them and other artworks at my Instagram account below…

Pastor Ross

The Starting Point

The Starting Point


Centurion In The Rain. by Ross Cochrane. 3rd August 2014. Gouache and Marbling

Centurion In The Rain. by Ross Cochrane. 3rd August 2014. Gouache and Marbling

Wild Horse.  Gouache and Marbling.

Wild Horse.
Gouache and Marbling. By Ross Cochrane. 4 August 2014

Princess of the Ocean. by Ross Cochrane. 4th August 2014. Gouache and Marbling.

Princess of the Ocean. by Ross Cochrane. 4th August 2014. Gouache and Marbling.

Frog Swimming. by Ross Cochrane. 4th August 2014. Gouache and Marbling.

Frog Swimming. by Ross Cochrane. 4th August 2014. Gouache and Marbling.

Easter and A Soldier's Cross. Photo by Ross Cochrane

Easter and A Soldier’s Cross. Photo by Ross Cochrane

Easter And The Soldier’s Cross

by Ross Cochrane

I found it framed, the old painted image.

It was hidden, lost among a host

of well-read books on benches, forsaken and tossed,

Snubbed, Where dust paid tribute to it’s visage.

Antiquated icon, our heritage

Painted here with tears, and smeared with cost,

One who bears sin and cares upon a cross

Shares nail-scared hands, love’s eternal message.


This soldiers name on canvas gives a clue

Of one who knew that death has lost it’s sting,

And though he died, perhaps he always knew,

There where the cruel bullets crack and sing,

His canvas of the cross would speak anew

Of life and peace that faith in Christ can bring.


New Fresh Canvas

New Fresh Canvas

The sun lifts the vibrance of the earth after the rain as the palette is prepared afresh. The old, muddied colours are discarded, scraped off and replaced by a spectrum of blues; sapphire, indigo and azure and brilliant reds, yellow ochres, whites and graded skin tones. Once more the canvas is placed on the wooden supports of the easel. What will emerge?

The descriptive strokes begin, rich with latent possibilities, warm and intense. There is no agreement as to which colour must be used. The variations are endless. The music of light is not restricted by set measures and an infinite spectrum of miscible timbres can be created; dynamic descants conducted by the skill of the artist. A rhythm begins as each stroke forms melodic harmonies, silent sequences, impressions only perceived and interpreted by the eyes and heart.

For Jacob, life becomes a canvas, paintbrush, palette and a set of imaginative possibilities which must be explored with brilliant strokes of colour. The raw ingredients of creativity bring “what could be” into existence and somehow eject doubt and any unrealised intentions of the past. A creative space on which to paint something innovative, fresh and original is an exceptionally satisfying prospect. He mixes the palette with renewed purpose and anticipation. Jacob’s deception with his brother and father has muddied his thinking, but God steps in to give clarity and instead of running away from his problems Jacob begins to run towards his destiny. The portrait is yet to emerge.

He leaves his home in Beersheba in disgrace yet his steps are now buoyed with blessing. He had tried to use deception to obtain God’s promise but in the process stains his family relationships. His brother hates him and wants him dead. His father sends him to Haran to escape Esau’s wrath with the excuse of finding a wife, and in doing so he retraces the steps of Abraham of old. He is yet to learn the important lessons in integrity along the way.

Jacob now stands where Abraham had once entered the land and where Lot and Abraham had separated. He is still far from Haran yet his dream of a stairway to heaven and the promises of God have revived him for the journey ahead. Fresh new colours on his palette.

He had better hurry since he is around 75 years old and still has about a 600 km journey ahead. When Abraham’s servant sought a wife for Isaac in Haran, he prayed and was led clearly to Rebekah (Genesis 24:10-67). No doubt Jacob, spending so much time with his mother had heard the story many times, but nowhere are we told that Jacob prays about the outcome of his journey even though this is one of the most important decisions of his life.

As the portrait is painted, what shades and hues will be used to represent his life? Jacob’s stumbling steps toward faith invite me to ask “What is it that needs to change in my life to enable me to be true to the calling of God on my life, to be aligned with all I am created to be, to be more authentic, focused and clear about the challenges of the next step? What image will emerge from the canvas?” 

Pastor Ross